If you’re fed up with making peanuts from Adsense, then here’s a few Adsense tips to increase your Google Adsense income. Content Do you have plenty of good content on your site – and by that I mean keyword-rich content? To make good money with Adsense you should be aiming for at least 50-100 pages on your site – all of them with at least 500 words of content. Keywords If you’re not sure what a keyword is, visit Overture or Wordtracker and do some simple research there as to what keywords people are typing into the search engines. Each page should be optimized for at least one keyword, but the idea of sprinkling a few minor keywords through your pages will attract you instant traffic whilst you wait to rank for the more competitive keywords More Web Site Traffic If you’ve already got good content that’s keyword rich, then work to increase your search engine traffic. First, ensure that you are listed in the major search engines. If you’re listed but simply not getting any traffic, there’s some easy ways to get more search engine traffic in just days:- Build links to your site – personally I use Link Metro to get those first links up and running and this means that the search engines naturally find and index your site Write and submit articles to the article directories. Within 24 hours of submitting an article you can have a flood of targeted search engine traffic arriving at your site Continue to add content – either through more pages, articles or by writing a blog. If you update your blog regularly and then ping it using Pingomatic, you’ll find you’ll be getting plenty of free traffic. Add to this by submitting your blog to the blog directories and you’ll increase your blog site traffic even further. So, don’t forget to put the Adsense code on your blog pages too! Traffic Exchanges – using a traffic exchange such as the popular Traffic Swarm is an easy way of gaining more web site traffic Ban Proof Your Site Make sure that neither you nor any of your friends, relatives and work colleagues accidentally or deliberately click on your site. It’s worth telling them that by clicking on your site they’re not helping you but may get you banned from Google! Adsense Tracking If you’re serious about Adsense, then tracking the keywords which are making you the most money and developing additional content around those keywords is a must. The addition of some simple code to your site can be a real eyeopener as to just where and how you are making money. If you’re not ready for this just yet, consider using the channels that Google offer to monitor how each page is doing. Improve Your Click Through Rate Well, as you’ll probably know, due to Google’s terms of service, no-one is allowed to discuss their actual click through rates (CTR’s). However, by simply using the Google heatmap you can improve a dire CTR (by that, I mean anything less than 3%). If your CTR is already doing OK but you’d love to boost it further, then investing in resources provided by the Adsense expert will be an investment you can literally recoup in days or hours. For the latest information on how to increase your online income, visit more Google Adsense tips. To get a free email mini-course on how to make the most money from your site, visit Make More Money from my Website. About the author:Jennifer Carter


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