There are actually many different ways to make money online. Some of them are obviously more lucrative than others, however. Also, there are many scams for supposedly making money online that don't really work, and you end up losing money. As a general rule, if the online money making opportunity asks for money, it is probably not a good thing. Legitimate ways to make money online will not ask you for money to get the job. The only exception to this is for home businesses. Many home businesses require an upfront investment from you. If you decide that a home business is the best way to go for making money online, then you will probably have to spend some money to get started. However, many people have been very successful with home businesses. One way that people are making money online is by having several different income streams. This means that you do a bunch of things online that make a little bit of money, which turns out to be a reasonable amount of money when you add them all up. For instance, some people fill out surveys, do some writing, read emails, sell things on Ebay or even do affiliate marketing. These are all ways to have multiple streams of income making money online. There are actual jobs available online. However, there is a lot of competition for them. Telecommuting from home is one of the best ways for making money online. You need to have an excellent resume and to do a lot of research to find the companies that are hiring people with your skills. As with any way to make money, the best way of making money online is to follow your passions. First find something you love to do, then find a way to use it for making money online. You also need to consider your time commitment. Find a way to make money online that won't take up all of your spare time if you are already working a full time job. Once you have determined how you plan to make money online, spend the time you need. Many people start an online business but lose interest and quit. Find a business that you love so you want to stay with it. Finding a way to do what you love is the best way to make money online. © Jon Viney, 2006 About The Author Jon Viney – Webmaster: Income for Life - Work at Home Work 2-4 hrs daily Earn $50-$75 Hr


  1. Connie LeGendre  

    10:38 AM

    I just wanted to thank you for your insight about making money online.

    I started out thinking I had a sort of sense of what i wanted to do, but not understanding all the aspects of having an online business.

    It's been seven months since I started, and the clarity has gotten a little better but I'm not there yet.

    I just put up a website that took me two months to figure out all the parts and then how to publish it. I can now say I know this much and could do it in short order. But now I've discovered many things I could have done to increase its seo, etc.

    I started a blog but have been so caught up in trying to learn how to put up that website, i haven't had the energy to blog.

    Your advice in your blog helped me stay determined another day.


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