If you are just beginning to explore methods of making money on the internet, one of the easiest ways to get started is to join a growing number of people who make money in their spare time by participating in paid online surveys, focus groups, and product testing. These programs include anything from watching movie trailers online and giving feedback, completing 5-minute opinion polls, or testing products like perfume or cologne. There is an equally wide range of compensation for those who contribute a bit of their time and opinions. Some researchers with offer free products in exchange for your time. For example, a survey conducted by a popular music magazine might entitle you to a free one-year subscription to that magazine. Others will enter each survey-taker into a sweepstakes; for example, one in 200 people who complete the survey will win $200 in cash or a free mp3 player. Some will offer a voucher for goods, such as $10 off any order at Amazon.com. Many paid surveys offer straight-forward cash compensation. It is not uncommon to receive $25.00 for a survey that takes 15 minutes to complete. That is not bad considering it is something you can do in your pajamas while enjoying your morning coffee and bagel. In addition to cash compensation and prizes, many people enjoying participating in the process which decides which products will be sold or not. Why are companies willing to pay for your opinion? That's simple. It is estimated that companies in the US alone spend 300 billion dollars a year in advertising and market research. It makes sense for these companies to pay a small group of people to test a product before launching a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. The information gained through this kind of research is invaluable for the company. For the user, paid surveys are ideal for college students, busy parents, or anyone who wants to pick up a bit of extra money, as well as anyone interested in advertising and marketing. The great thing about taking paid surveys is that once you announce yourself as someone interested in contributing their opinion, you will receive e-mail invitations to participate. If you are too busy, if the subject of the survey is not of interest to you, or if the compensation is not what you are looking for, simply decline the invitation. On the other hand, if the survey does spark your interest, complete it and payment will be on its way. Can you think of a better way to make money? Some people who take online paid surveys make an extra $500 or so per month to cover car payments or student loans, while others devote 5 or 6 hours a day to it and make a full income. About Online Survey Networks While it is possible to surf the net and find sites where you can register to participate in paid surveys, it is highly recommendable to join a survey network, which will give you instant access to THOUSANDS of programs that are ready to pay you for your opinion. The best survey networks charge one-time nominal registration fee. This registration fee covers customer service, allowing for easy-to-follow instructions and tips on how to get started. The customer service also works to check all of the sites they recommend, so you will not wind up at a bogus site that will take you personal information and not pay you for your time. Joining a survey network ensures your privacy and cash compensation. Once you join the network, you will have access to thousands of paid surveys, and can easily pay off the cost of your registration by taking one 30-minute survey. After that, all of the profit will be yours, and the networks do not subtract a commission or fee from your payment. There are three excellent survey networks that have a reputation for reliable lists and excellent customer support. For beginners, a good place to start is Survey Scout (http://www.easy-learn-to-earn.com/survey_scout.html), as they offer a free software tool that safely automates the process of filling in your name and information when your register for surveys, in some cases cutting the time to register for a survey from 5 minutes to 30 seconds. Express Paid Survey (http://www.easy-learn-to-earn.com/express_paid_surveys.html), and Paid Surveys Online (http://www.easy-learn-to-earn.com/paid_surveys_online.html), are also excellent reputable networks. Obviously, the more networks you join, the more safe survey sites you will have access to. The more survey sites you register with, the more invitations to participate you will receive. The more paid surveys you participate in, the more you will receive in cash or free products. About the author: John Case is the author of http://www.easy-learn-to-earn.com, a free guide to making an income online, and maintains an SEO site at http://www.awordsworth1000pictures.com/


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