If you’ve been marketing products on the web, you should know all about ClickBank. One of biggest complaints I get about ClickBank is their lack of tools for the affiliate marketers who promote via their own websites or blogs. As a result, a few entrepreneurs have developed cgi platforms that build you a “ClickBank Mall”. For the most part, these are good solutions, but it comes with an out of pocket expense to you. Another problem I see with the ClickBank Mall solutions is that they are a complete solution. In other words, the site is built from a generic template. This is not a good solution for those of us who want to incorporate ClickBank products into our own designs. One FREE solution to this is by harnessing an RSS feed generated by Ambatch. Their CB RSS Feeds generator allows you to create specific product listings that can been added to your existing websites. In order to get started, you obviously need a Clickbank account. Register Here You will also need to sign up with Ambatch. Register Here Once registered, you will automatically be taken to the CB RSS Feed generator page. You will be show the following options: 1) Select All “product categories” 2) Select By Branch 3) A list of the current Clickbank categories, with the ability to show the sub-categories 4) A keywords text entry box 5) A dropdown to determine how many products to display 6) A dropdown to determine how often your feed will update The first two options, and the keywords text area are optional when creating your feed. For example, to create a feed that display products from the Business to Business category, you would need to click on the checkbox next to this category. Next, choose how many products to list. Finally, choose how often you want the feed to update. To create this feed, you would click on the “Create XML Feed” button. A new window will open that displays your newly created feed URL. To add the product list to your website, you will need an XML parsing program or RSS reader. I will leave this part up to you to figure out. When the feed has been added, you site should now display the list of products based on the criteria you entered in the feed generation process. When a visitor clicks on one of the product links, they are taken to the product’s landing page. Your ClickBank Affiliate ID is automatically passed to the vendor so you can get credit for the sale. A nice feature of the feed link is that your Ambatch account is updated so you can track which product links have been clicked. This will allow you to tell which products are selling or at least generating interest. The click tracking function is useful because it allows you determine which products to market via other avenues such as Adwords. Another useful feature of the Ambatch CB RSS Feeds tool is its ability to generate multiple XML feeds. You can create specific category feeds and place them on your site in the appropriate categories. Thus, you can essentially create your own CB mall for no cost! About the author:John Peck.For more tips and information about making money online, check out Its My Journey Free Guide: The How to Make Money Online Primer Tags:,,,,


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