1. Keywords and Competition To make money with Adsense it all starts here by choosing high paying Adsense keywords to make more money. Look for keywords that are searched for frequently, but have little competition and build web pages around these keywords. Your pages will still display the high paying Adsense ads to make you more money. 2. Good Domain Name Register keyword rich appealing names. If your site was offering advice on insurance then "your-insurance-advice-site.com" is more appealing to the searcher than "ABCInsurance.com" and will lead to more traffic to make you more money with Adsense. 3. Interesting and Unique Content Creating unique and interesting content for your visitors so they return will make you even more money with Adsense. Your own content is best, or you can go to the article sites and use their content (as long as you abide by their rules), but add an introduction and a summary to make it unique. 4. Professional Looking Website Many quality templates are available for you to produce Adsense websites. Use images sparingly to avoid distracting visitors from your content and clicking on your Adsense ads. Professional looking sites make money; don't build a website that looks like your dog created it. 5. Optimize Pages Well optimized pages rank well and will make good Adsense money: * Title: Your keyword and a few extra words * Meta Description: Use your keyword and make it appealing * Meta Keyword Tag: Only use your keyword and one or two related keywords. * Keyword Density: Aim for 3% - 5% keyword density * Internal Linking: Use keywords in links 6. Adsense Placement It's well known that Adsense ads displayed at the top and middle of the page make more money than those down the side or at the bottom. Make your Adsense ads blend in with your page. 7. Blog Create blogs and add links to your site and to some of your posts. Blogs that have regularly posts rank higher and get listed faster than websites (any links get spidered too). Write at least two posts a week and use Adsense on your blogs to make more money. 8. Google Site Map Getting indexed fast will make you more Adsense money. Create a Google site map and send it to them and your site will get indexed fast. 9. Articles Few use this method of generating free traffic to make money from Adsense. Articles also give you quality one way links. For a new site write two to three articles a week. 10. External Links Nothing will improve your search engine rankings more than having quality one way links to your site. Good links will also give you more traffic to make even more money from your Adsense ads. This proven ten step Adsense system works. Applying the system manually is hard work and takes a lot of time. A new tool that automates most of the system has emerged, enabling production of a large number of sites in very little time - the key to make big money with Adsense. You can learn more about it here: http://www.privateincome.net/recommends/awe About the Author:Graham Bowall (aka "The Sledgehammer") is an Internet Marketer who has been reviewing online money making opportunities for many years. He has a free, take no prisoners, make money online newsletter that you can find at http://www.privateincome.net Tags:,,,


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