I want to share with you a few AdWords tips that will help your advertising campaigns and should impact your bottom line in a positive way. You'll soon see these tips are quite powerful, and in fact are rarely revelaed without money exchanging hands. I'm quite serious about that! Many AdWords e-book authors will probably not appreciate the golden nuggets that I'm about to share, but I could really care less. If you want to increase your click through rate (CTR) and your conversions (sales you make), read on. Here's the first tip: "Get your headline right". Your headline is by far the most important part of your ad. It's what's going to hook your visitors into clicking on your ad more than anything else. Ad copy is important, but not like your headline. Another reason your visitors will make a decision based on your headline is because Google placed more prominence on your headline than it does the rest of the ad, as evidenced by the size of the font shown in your headline. Take advantage of this! When writing your headline, be sure to focus on benefits of the product or service. Don't focus on the features--the stuff anyone can look up in the table of contents--rather, focus on the intangible realities that using this prodcut or service will bring (i.e., "Eliminate Stress While Growing Rich"). What you'll also want to do is keep testing your headlines over and over, split-testing them until you find one or two that continually bring in sales for the keywords you're promoting. Let me share with you another tip that you rarely hear. When starting out with AdWords, or even on a new campaign, start small and work your way up. In other words, don't--I repeat, don't--invest a whole lot of money into this new campaign. The only time you should be increasing the amount of money spent on a campaign is when you know for a fact (because you've tested) your campaigns are already converting and you simply want to make more money. Aside from that, you need to start with a modest amount of money on AdWords. When trying to come up with your daily budget, ask yourself this question: "If I were to lose this entire amount of money today, would that be okay?" If the answer is "yes", then you have your daily budget. But don't be afraid to start each campaign with $10 or $15 in the beginning. You really want to test the waters first anyway--no use entering into a market at full force only to find out that the product doesn't sell. One final tip: Do a little pre-selling in the ad copy. While you don't want to hit your prospects over the head, you do want to let them know that you've got a produt or service for sale. That in order to receive your product or service, money is going to have to change hands. Some marketers even mention the price of the product or service in the ad--in fact, some swear by this tactic. Whether or not you do this, the idea is that you want to weed out those who are only looking for a handout. You want serious buyers to click your ad, because you want those clicks to turn into conversions. There's no sense in getting the click and having a high CTR unless those clicks are turning into cash. For more great strategies, including loads of "insider tips" that will push you way ahead of the competition, I highly recommend you check out the book AdWords Miracle. Make $300 daily within 2 months, or you get your money back. Not a bad guarantee, eh? Stay tuned for more AdWords tips and tricks soon! About the Author: DA Palumbo is an Internet Marketer specializing in Google AdWords and protecting digital assets. For those looking to take their AdWords knowledge to the next level, DA heartily recommends "The AdWords Miracle Guide" at http://www.marketingez.com/adwords-miracle.


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