You may have just built a sparkling cool website, with all the money-making affiliate links plugged in, or just a simple website promoting your own business services.

Whether you are an internet newbie or experienced marketer, we all know that without traffic, even if your website is a knock-out, no one will ever get to see it and be wowed by it. But more importantly, no traffic equals no sales. Period.

When I first started out as an affiliate, I tried many means of advertising for my affiliate programs. I tried safelists, first submitting to them manually, then moved on to automated submission to zillions of them. I also bought leads for my MLM programs, supposedly good leads. Yes, I did make some sales and recruited some downlines, but the results are far from fantastic. And all these efforts are time-consuming and can be very expensive, and at times can be demoralizing. Imagine sending a powerful email advertisement to thousands of "so-called" quality leads and only hearing from a few of them. I forgot to mention about those cheap traffic offered on the internet. Many of them are just pop-over, pop-under ads which get "killed" by pop-killers.

If you had the same experience, there is a way out. With pay-per-click (PPC) search engines, you can now drive targeted traffic to your website. Never mind if it is indexed for ages or it is a brand new website created just minutes ago. Targeted traffic is worth a ton. You know that people who find your site are already interested in your product or affiliate program. This means higher conversions, and more sales. With a good product, good targeted keywords and a well-written ad, conversion can be in the range of 3 - 5 %.

Google and Overture are the biggest PPC search engines, with the largest network of engines. Setting up a campaign with Adwords will not take more than an hour if you have your keywords and ads ready. In fact, you will begin to see massive traffic streaming in as soon as 15 minutes after you set up your campaign. Yes, it will cost you more but you are only paying for relevant clicks, not for views/impressions. And the traffic is targeted and converts much better.

As a beginner in setting up PPC ad campaigns, it is good to start with smaller PPC search engines. The clicks there are cheaper, ie can be as low as 1 cent per click though traffic is generally lower. Examples of these search engines are Miva, GoClicks,, ExactSeek, etc. However, if your product is in a competitive industry, the amount of traffic offered by these search engines can add up pretty much.

Also, since they are relatively not as popular as the Big Two, there are some high traffic keywords that are still available for cheap clicks. These are gems to be discovered.

Here's my take on a few smaller PPC search engines:

1. has been a leading ppc advertising network since 1999. It has been receiving mixed reviews from users. The one setback some users have feedback is its lack of Account Management Tools. However, it has also been reported that provides a rock solid customer support system with a guarantee that if their customer support does not respond to your email within 4 business hours, your account will be credited $1. Another unique feature is they will send you an email notification when a competitor outbids your top ranking keyword. The affiliate program also allows webmasters to share in the advertisement revenue. Recently, they have also added and to their stable of partner listings.

2. GoClick is an up and coming PPC that has received outstanding user reviews. The minimum bid price per click is only 1 cent. They are tied to over 60 distribution partners and generate over 300 million searches every month.Your advertisements will also be exposed to parts of the internet world that larger PPCs do not venture to.

So go ahead and try out some of these PPC search engines and start driving traffic within the next 24 hours.

The article does not seek to associate with and does not represent any of the above merchants or programs. Any mention of merchants or programs is for the purpose of illustration only.

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About the author:Davion Wong is a prolific writer who has varied interest in different topics in life. Find out more about PPC advertising and how you can profit from pay-per-click affiliate programs such as affiliate program, Adsense, etc.


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