How to Index Your Websites

Getting your websites indexed quickly has always been a wide debate amongst the SEO experts.

“What is the quickest method to getting your website indexed?”

Some suggest placing your new website url on the front page of one of your high page ranked established websites.

Now this is great! If you already have an established website with a high google page rank. However, this isn’t practical for everyone. We don’t all have a high google page ranked website.

Another suggestion is… To buy a one way link from a page rank 6 or page rank 7 website for your new url.

This is expensive! Usually in excess of $100 for your link to appear on the high page ranked website for just one month!

Personally myself… I prefer free methods.

What I do to get my websites indexed quickly is this:

First, I go to the website.

I type my new URL into the search engine.

Usually it will show up as “address not found” (if it doesn’t then it is already indexed). Click on “send this address to us” and enter your url in to be crawled by the msn search engine.

Once I’ve done that, I then go over to the google search engine.

And add my url there as well.

Usually msn indexes your website first, then google a couple of days later.

It won’t be long then till you are indexed in all the other search engines like: and so on.

All the best to you!

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