The Importance of Blogging

Blogging has become a very important part of running an internet business. It is very important to constantly update your blog and to ping the relevant sites that you have infact updated your blog.

I try and regularly update my blog with articles and helpful hints and tips and free giveaways to increase traffic to my website. You can use a variety of ways to ping your blog. and are two of the best ones that ping a multitude of sites that your blog has been updated.

Your blog is another way of generating traffic to your website, when you blog it is important to make it count. You should have a signature file with a link back to your site with your chosen keyword. An example is if your chosen keyword was say Make Money Online then you would hyperlink that word with your website address.

You should try and update your blog at least once a day and ping it, if you can it is great to update at 3 different times ie morning afternoon and night. You can ping after each update but you must update you cannot just ping for the sake of pinging, if you havent updated your site and you ping then this is considered spamming. So to be safe only ping after adding to your blog. The more you ping and update the more traffic you will receive.

Everyone wants more traffic right so the best way to get it is to go out and update your blog regularly and ping away. There is no point in updating your blog if no one knows about it right? this is where and pingomatic come into it they are there to let everyone know you have updated so use them as they are free. Please ensure you do not use both services at once as you may infact be pinging the same sites and then you will get blacklisted for spamming.

Blogging is a great free way of generating traffic to your site. Blogging can be about anything and everything. I have about 80 or so posts on my blog up to date and ive only had it for 3 months and im only just getting into it. My site has increased in traffic tremendously thanks to blogging and then pinging.

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