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Everyone is complaining about PayPerPost. I'm not. I like the idea. Hell, I think it's a great way for some people (re: people like my sister who have no idea how to generate actual revenue online) to make some money with their websites. Come on, what's wrong with getting paid to blog? It sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Sure, you could use Google AdSense, but guess what? AdSense requires a very high level of traffic to generate anything worth your time; but, with PayPerPost, you don't need a high level of traffic, just a decent PageRank and the ability to deliver advertisers the content they want.

PageRank is easy to get: get link backs from relevant websites and get your website listed in dmoz. Delivering what the advertisers want, however, is a bit more difficult than that, but I've got a few tips that will help you keep the advertisers happy and the money rolling in:

  • Mind your subject matter. Sure, that "jet turbine" offer looks promising, but if your blog is about jelly making, you should probably steer clear of that offer.
  • Follow the rules. If an offer requires you to link to a certain site X number of times in your article then DO IT. You will not get paid if you do not follow the requirements of the post. Make sure you pay special attention to the minimum number of words in the article as well as any required phrases, links, and photos.
  • Be mindful of the tone of your article. Advertisers generally prefer a positive tone in the article you’re going to write about them. The advertising requirements will list a tone that you should follow: either negative, neutral, or positive. Don't write a negative article when the advertiser wants a positive one, or you won't get paid.
  • Maintain a 1-month archive. If the article is not accessible on your website for a month you will not get paid for the work you've done.

Sure, some bloggers might complain about the service, but those people are living in some fantasy world where every blogger can generate an obscene amount of traffic and get rich with AdSense, but if you want to get paid to blog then PayPerPost just might be your answer.

About the author: Jason Pullara has run a successful sole proprietorship in New York City building, repairing, and maintaining workstations and personal computers for local businesses and consumers for 5 years, and currently runs a successful content marketing website at Geekstreak.


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