One of the most common questions asked on forums and discussion lists concerning Google Adwords is should content network be turned on or left off? Here is what has worked well for me and others.

Content network on or off?

Will it help you make more money or are you just throwing your hard earned advertising dollars down the Google tubes?

Many of the gurus tell you test, test, test! And while that is true, I am not going to leave you hanging there.

Here is a solid plan for implementing Google Adwords content network.

1. Always start with it turned off. You need to be careful because the default when you start a campaign is on. So go into your "edit campaign settings" and un-tick content network. This is really important because if you start a campaign today and are bidding $1 per click on the search are automatically bidding $1 per click on the content network. Many Adwords advertisers, myself included have lost hundreds by mistake on the content network. So again, turn it off!

2. After you have a campaign running profitably on the search network, meaning that you have the right keywords and a landing page that is converting to your satisfaction, then and only then will you test the content network.

3. So, go back into your "edit campaign settings" put the check mark in the content network...but also put a check mark in "content bids" which allows you to set separate prices for content network. Once you save your settings you can put in a separate bid, I usually start with two cents.

4. Then let it run for a day and see what position you are getting and if you are receiving any clicks. In many markets two cents will get you on the first page and get you clicks.

5. Then monitor your conversions. If you are profitable, you can increase your cost per click for better positioning and more clicks. Repeat this process until you hit your target traffic and return on investment. If you are not profitable, just turn off content network all together.

If you follow the above steps, you will avoid any bad wipe outs and at the same time position yourself to take advantage of the extra profit the content network can bring you in some markets.

Fortunes can be made or lost with Google Adwords. Many of the secrets to profiting with Adwords are not written in the Google guide, but you can learn them here

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