How To Build A Quality Internet Blog

Although there are millions of blog on the net already, it is still possible to take advantage in building one in order to build traffic and promote your website.

Even if you can setup a blog in minutes, it takes some time to make it work well and optimize it for the search engines.

As for everything on the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is of paramount importance if you want to achieve the goal of getting traffic from the search engines, especially Google.

Their crawlers are indexing new pages everyday, but the position you will have in their SERPS is up to how much your pages were optimized for a certain keyword. This applies for blogs as well, so it is important to understand how to build a search engine friendly blog.

A good starting point when building a blog is to get a quality script to install on your website. There are many open source and commercial solutions, but probably the most successful and good one is Wordpress. You can download a copy of this script on , and install it in minutes.

The installation process is quick and hassles free. Once you have your Wordpress copy up and running, you need to start optimizing it properly. You can start using their default template, otherwise you can find a good one on many specialized sites.

In order to perform SEO on wordpress you will need to install an hack like the one called Optimal Title, that you can easily find on google. This will help you to optimize your page titles, but the result given by this script is not good yet for a perfect optimization.

In fact, you should avoid putting your site name at the beginning of your page titles, otherwise you are risking to have all your pages filtered as duplicate content by Google. Henceforth, you need to manually tweak the script to make it view blog titles only in the header.

You can easily do it by editing the code basing yourself on the hack readme. In the same way, you can make descriptions and keywords meta tags look properly using common SEO rules. As a final note, if you are building a blog to make money from targeted advertising as Google Adsense, I would advice not to put it in the beginning, since it would make your page be full of ads rather than actual content; so first of all think to build your traffic, then to monetize it.

For more informations on blogs, how to setup them or on how to promote them with enhanced tools such as blog pings and innovative marketing techniques, you can visit my company website.

About the author: Alessandro Golkar is the founder and CEO of ForumBoosting, the forum promotion and enhancement firm that established its operations in November 2005. Along with the main business of paid forum posting, ForumBoosting is offering blog writing services to the market.


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