Everyone makes mistakes and in Internet Marketing they can prove costly. In this article I discuss the most common ones, mistakes I’ve made in the past and learned from and if you do too, it could save you a packet.

Turn Off the Content Network

Always remember to turn the content network off. You do not want to receive traffic from other sites via Google Adsense links as these attract non targeted traffic. You can turn the content network using the "Edit Campaign Settings" button when you set up your campaign.

Too Many Keywords per Ad Group

Limit the amount of keywords per Ad Group to less than 25 keywords. Having more than 25 keywords can negatively affect your Quality Score as the more keywords you have, the less relevant they are likely to be to your Ad.

Keyword Grouping

Group your keywords around a common keyword and ensure this is displayed in your Ad. e.g. Common keyword:antique maps

Keywords:antique maps,buy antique maps,antique maps sale,antique maps original,find antique maps

Buy Antique Maps Online
Get original Antique Maps
Hundreds of Rare Maps & Prints

Don’t only use Broad Match Type

Google gives you the option of using three keyword match types:- Broad :antique maps, Phrase:"antique maps" and Exact :[antique maps]. Use all three types in your campaigns for each keyword. You then have greater control over how targeted your campaign is.

Don’t set your Daily Budget too low

You should set your daily budget keeping in mind the number of impressions you receive and not just clicks. Remember you will receive a much smaller % as actual clicks and your Ads will be displayed infrequently if your budget is too low.

Bidding for Non Targeted Traffic

Remember you are not in this business to get traffic but to make profits! Do not therefore bid too high just to get a good ranking, you need to ensure that whatever price you bid is covered by your return on investment.

Conversely you still need a good ranking position to get any traffic at all and you therefore need to ensure that your campaign quality score(QS) is good. (I have discussed how you can improve your QS in more detail in previous articles.)

There are many specialised techniques available to improve your QS that are too detailed to cover in this article and you should study further the best guides available. I review the best ones on my web site so feel free to check it out.


The most important thing to keep in mind when setting up your campaigns is relevancy and choosing highly targeted keywords and Ads. You also need to ensure that searchers clicking on your Ads are actually looking to make a purchase, so first ensure that you have researched your particular customer niche and identified their needs.

Good Luck!

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About the author: David Brown is a successful affiliate marketer who has learnt the hard way that THE key to being a success at Internet Marketing is perseverance.


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