What is the Yahoo Publisher Network program and why should I try it over advertising programs like Google AdSense? The new Yahoo Publisher Network, also known as the YPN program has proven it is a major competitor to AdSense. Lots of people have been raving about the greatly increased profits from the new Yahoo Advertising Network. They offer a similar setup to Google but with some mild differences and evolving tools.

Now, getting accepted into the Yahoo Publisher Network is somewhat difficult at this time. It is still in Beta testing and many publishers who apply often wait many weeks before they get a response (or do not get a response at all). However, the program is expected to come out of its Beta testing sometime in the coming months and then getting accepted into the program will be much easier. You may be asking yourself, why should I leave AdSense and join the Yahoo Publisher Network when so many people have had so much success with the Google AdSense Program and the YPN program is still new? The answer to this question is simple. So far, many people who have been accepted into this program and have experimented with it, have found that it generally tends to pay more to publishers than the Google AdSense program does; however, many speculate that this may only be for a limited time only in an effort to generate “buzz” about the program and to encourage more webmasters to become interested and apply to the program.

The features of the Yahoo Publisher Network are very similar to that of the AdSense program. Publishers can choose from a wide variety of advertisement layouts and choose ones that they feel best complement their website. Publishers can also change the color scheme of all advertisements to blend the ads with their website so that they look more natural. Like the AdSense program, Yahoo Publisher Network users can have multiple channels so that they can use one account for a large number of websites.

If you are considering choosing the Yahoo Publisher Network program, you must get rid of AdSense advertisements on that website. Yahoo Publisher Network states that you can not run two different contextual advertising programs on one website if you choose the program. Hence, I recommend running the Yahoo Publisher Network advertisements on your website for a certain length of time and see how they perform. If the YPN advertisements perform better than the AdSense advertisements, than you should obviously use the YPN program. On the flip side, if you were making more money using the AdSense program, then stick with AdSense. For some people, this new program may work very well, and for others, they may find that using YPN advertisements lead to a decrease in earnings. Either way, the only way you can know for sure is if you experiment so apply and see what happens. You really don’t have much to lose.

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    Ηello!I'm impresed with your blog,very nice work.Ijust joined Adsense and need a little help.I don't know how to put the ads on my blog.Can you help me please.

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