For adsense publishers, as we know, we can set our adsense ads with channels. But how did you name the channels? Here I will share with you tips on how I manage my adsense ads by using specific name format for my adsense channels.

Because I have multiple websites and use wordpress themes, so I need to name the channels according to where the adsense will be displayed. To make it simple I use this kind of format for my adsense channels.

[site/theme]_[file]-[location]-[ads type]

Here are what the meaning for each tag.

  • site/theme - Your site or theme name. Eg: k2, kubrick, dfire, chnet.
  • file - Filename which you put the adsense code. Eg: index, page, archives, search, 404.
  • location - Where you place the adsense code. Eg: header, sidebar, footer, entry.
  • ads type - Your adsense type. Eg: adunit, linkunit.

Ok here is an example: k2_single-header-adunit

What we can get from this channel name is, the ads is an adunit type. It is located under k2 theme folder in file single.php. And the ads is being display on site header.

So when each time you login into your adsense report, it is easier for you to track down which ads are performing well and which are not.


  1. If there are more ads in one page in one location, put a number after the ads type. Eg: k2_single-header-adunit2
  2. Make sure you name your adsense channels properly because the maximum characters are 30.
  3. You also can use this tips on AdSearch channels too.

If you have anything to ask or want to give suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I hope this post is helpful and thanks for your time! :)

About the author: J. Gilbert,Author website can be found at CypherHackz.Net - Personal, Technology, Computers, Security & Internet Site

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