With so many different vehicles to use when advertising online, Pay Per Clicks are definitely one of the most popular. There are mixed feelings about the topic....seasoned veterans in marketing will side with PPC's while others equally as successful will frown on it.

1. Use very specific words when bidding....

When you are selecting your words for your PPC options , it is ALWAYS best to be as specific as possible. You should never be "vague". If you choose words that are vague like "car", "television", "movies", etc., you will have wasted clicks that cost you money. The strategy is to be more specific, such as, "1997 Gray Chevy Malibu", 19 inch Panasonic HDTV", "Rocky IV", etc. You MUST be specific to get the most for your money!

2. Pick your PPC choice(s) focused.....

When you are choosing which PPC to use, obviously there are some things to consider. No matter who you go with, stay focused and don't get spread out. It's better to be focused on a fewer than semi-focused on many. Track everything and experiment with keywords minimally.

3. Don't overdraw yourself....

I know from my own experience that the drive to out bid your opponent is very strong and in some cases , it may be stronger than your ability to utilize your funds wisely. It is very important to stick within your budget. Sometimes the high priced words may NOT be what you need/want anyway so stick to your guns and don't overdraw your account by letting your emotions get the best of you.

4. Always track your ads, regardless of where or how you advertise

One of the great benefits about operating online is the ability and accessibility to track your ads. It is possible to track every single anything that happens and if you are not doing so , you should be. You can create free accounts that are adequate if necessary so don't exclude tracking for ANY reason.

Usually, if you experiment enough with PPC's, you will find them to be a solid advertising method. It is a personal choice so I recommend that you do whatever gets you the most targeted traffic. You can never have enough targeted traffic so utilize any method that fits into your budget.

So there are many things to consider with PPC's, those are just a few. Hope this was helpful to some. Take care and God Bless.

About the author:Craig Raphael / EsourceInfo.com,PO BOX 306,Manzanita, Oregon 97130

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