One word, “experimentation”. The only way to increase adsense income is to fiddle with your template. Basically, what you need to do is see what your currently earning and tweak everything on your blog. There is a little more than that, but this is what will increase your income when everything else is in place. If this is a little cryptic, I will try and clear everything up. I will give you the answers to a few questions you should be answering yourself.

How much content do you have?

This is a major problem with many adsense income sites I see. Many people think they can create a site and make money. Many bloggers go into this state of mind that they can make money from a handful of pages on there site. News Flash: You will never make any real money with a handful of articles on your site. If you landed on a site for some kind of info your researching, you will be turned off by the fact that you’ve read all the pages in 5 minutes.

Remember, many people on the internet scan so 10 pages of content can be read in 20 minutes and shorter for most. This leads me to the point I want to make about return visitors. These visitors that come back again and again, are the basis of all income. They love to read content and they like it to be updated. If you write more content and increase the number of pages on your site, you will increase traffic and revenue. This goes beyond traffic because you will be creating an authority site that will give you a more legitimate look. Since many people are afraid of links leading to viruses, this will ease them into trusting you and the adsense on your site.

What is the quality of your content?

This continues from the amount of content on your site. If your site has low quality content, you will have the “x” clicked on your visitors internet explorer. If you have content that is of low quality, contains bad grammar, and incorrect information, you will lose the trust of your readers and lose money. People will not take the chance to click on links on a site they think is suspicious.

Who is your audience?

This is another problem people don’t realize. I’ll give you an example of this problem because you have probably seen this before. My partner/brother, created a blog about, “brain theory”. He is not a professional blogger and he has no SEO or keyword research skills but he still wanted to create it and hope for an audience. Needless to say, he had many problems but still got a little traffic. This traffic was not converting. Now, I understand that a few visitors will not give you any money but he was not getting any money at all. When he investigated his ads, they where so off topic, they wouldn’t get any clicks ever! Some of the links were for blogging because his title had the word blog in it since his site was a blog. It was just a description but it affected almost all the ads.

To fix this problem there are a few things that can be done. First, you can fix the words you write. Make sure ONLY the main key words you want in your ads are in your title tags. This will help when google bot scans your content for relevancy. To go one step further, you can add tags in your template that will direct the bots to the content you want them to scan. This way, you can close your body content in these tags which will change the ads by only focusing the bots on your keyword rich (and correct) content.

About the author: George Christodoulou, If you are still asking youself, "how do I increase my adsense income", please visit for more info and tips to help increase your sites adsense income.


  1. bhjayalaxmi  

    9:43 PM

    hello friend ,
    what is section targeting?how do i implement it?


  2. bhjayalaxmi  

    9:44 PM

    you have written in your article that it may violate adsense TOS.please tell me how to implement it.


  3. Dan Masquelier  

    2:37 AM

    very informative! thank you kind sir!

  4. sushithmn  

    4:24 AM

    Suraj You can find the answer t your questions at

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks Dan for your compliment.

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