A lot of people, myself included are using the Internet to generate an income. Quite a few are newbes, some have been at it awhile and very few are professionals. It's very easy to get seduced by the call of easy money. The point here is that there's no such thing as easy money. Making money on the Internet, like everything else in life requires work.

Everywhere you surf, you will run into various ways to make money. Some, a lot, are all out scams. But there a few honest ways to generate an income. The most popular is Google. And by that I mean: Google Adwords and Google Adsense. If done right they provide a way to generate a serious income for the person willing to do their homework.

First of all, don't be fool by those sites that tell you that you can make a living working at home just by writing small ads. To the uninitiated, their talking about Google Adwords and Clickbank, which is an online marketplace accessible to those who wish to become affiliates for various programs. These sites will charge you a fee to join and give you access to their version of how to start a Google ad campaign. Don't misunderstand me, there are a lot of informative and useful Ebooks on Adwords. They range from excellent to mediocre. But why pay good money when you can get 99% of the information for free.

Did you know that Google provides excellent, though very technical information on both Adwords and Adsense? But let's stick with Adwords for now. When I first started, I ordered a couple of Ebooks on Adwords. In a couple of cases I printed them out. But after all the reading, printing and note taking, I still had some basic questions. Like what's an ad group? How many keywords should be in an ad group? How do I find the cost per click? How should I organize my ad group? Overall, how many keywords do I need. How do I find a product to promote?

I had forgotten three little words that I always keep upper most in my mind. "Keep It Simple". So I went back to the source itself: Google Adwords. And after a little reading, guess what I found? Googles "Keyword Selector Tool". This thing is amazing.

Here's how it works: Go to the Google Keyword Selector Tool and click on the "Site Related Keyword". In the field to enter URL, enter any site you wish (www.anysite.com) and check "Include other pages on my site linked from this URL" (checking this option is very important - otherwise you will not get too many keywords). From the drop-down list, chose "Cost and ad position estimates". Select your currency and enter a high, maximum cost per click value. You can play around with this by entering various amounts. Click: "get keywords".

You not only get the keywords and cost per click to any top related site, but you get the amount of keywords, the keyword grouping and the ad position. Is that crazy or what? Just think what you can do with this information. Ready made keywords, their cost, their grouping and ad position. You have 90% of the work done for you in less than a minute. And this will for any site on the wed.

Next you will need a Keyword analysis program, because in the scheme of things, you want the lowest paying keywords. You can forget five cents a click. You want a program that will let you generate thousands of key words and their cost per click, plus help you find little know niches to promote. You want something that will let you spy on the competition and not cost you an arm and a leg in the process.

So to keep it simple, all you need is good information, which Google provides and a good keyword program. You can do a Google search for Keyword analysis and find a lot of worthy products at reasonable prices.

To get an extremely concise look at Adwords, go to Googles Learning Center. Just type the words "Adwords Learning Center" into your search engine. I think you will be pleasently surprised.

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