Have you ever considered earning some money on the side with Google’s Adsense? Here’s a quick and easy guide to setting up a site that is Google friendly and likely to attract some profitable traffic. 1. Pick a theme you want to use for getting adsense traffic 2. Get a descriptive domain name that matches that theme such as: www.affiliatemarketing.com - no doubt that one's gone, but you get the idea. 3. Fill your site with content that repeatedly supports the domain name - 7 easy steps to affiliate marketing profits - affiliate marketing 101 - affiliate marketing for the computer illiterate - how I started with affiliate marketing You’ll need loads of articles - if you don't want to write them, scout around free content sites such as www.ezinearticles.com and use the articles provided by other authors. Be sure to play by the rules and include their resource box and links though. 4. Keep focused and keep positive it can take time (a lot) and effort (a lot) 5. Get support Join a forum or two and hang out with the experts, to keep you motivated and save you making unnecessary mistakes 6. Take out an adsense ad! Ever looked at the ads in the column to the right of Googles search pages? Many of them are pay per click ads that go directly to an adsense site. The idea being that once you are there, you'll click some ads and earn them some money. Some of those sites are poor though and some people are so irked by them that they'll click in and out repeatedly and run them up a nice pay per click bill! So again, content is key. Using pay per click ads to drive traffic to your adsense site is fine - just make sure there is some good content on the site, not just a pile of ads. About the Author: His website http://www.healthandwealthebooks.net contains free articles and ebooks on earning money from writing, blogging and building website traffic. Gary Paul is an independent reviewer of ebooks. His interest is in helping readers find good quality products among the 1,000's available on the internet.


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