I personally think that affiliate marketing is the best way of making money online. Who is an affiliate? Affiliate is a partner to a company, wether it's a software company or a restaurant, it doesn't matter, as long as it has got some products or services for sale. An affiliate sells the company's product, the product he doesn't own and he gets a percentage from the successful sales. An electronics shop or a businessman who sells Sony or Samsung TVs is an affiliate to Sony or Samsung. The manufacturers produce their products but the affiliate does all the marketing. He partners with them. In online affiliate marketing you don't have to buy a product first, the product providers handle all the costumers and the sales. An affiliate just needs to promote the product (which means you don't need a website) and referr clients to the seller's website or to the website where they're able to pay for the product. If anyone you've referred buys anything, you'll earn commission from it. It's that simple. Imagine that you're an affiliate to a software website and you're promoting their product. Their product price is $19.90 and the commission you'll get from it is 60%. Do some calculations. 60% from $19.90 is $11.94. You then manage to generate 30 sales a month or 1 sale a day (which isn't very good, actually). You'll get $352 a month! Isn't that wonderful? How do you promote a product? You need to register to an ad-serving network. You need to join as an advertiser. You advertise a product and publishers show the ads to their visitors. If someone is interested in the product, he or she buys it. Of course, first you got to pay the ad-network to show the ads at all but don't be scared away, you may even start with as little as with $10 and if you do everything correctly, you will multiply it within days. You may invest the money you make into further advertising and you are allowed promote a product again. Advertising on ad-networks isn't the only way to promote a product. Maybe you might want to co-operate with some website and contact them personally or maybe your friend owns a website, or maybe you own a website yourself. You may promote a product by sending e-mails to interested people who are subscribed to your website (do you now understand how pay-to-read-e-mails programs work?), you can advertise the product to the people who you know would buy it. For an example, you can list a product for sale onto Yahoo and Amazon lists. Now you should know what online affiliate marketing means and how you're able to make money with it. But how can i find a good product? There are lots of major websites in where you can register and from where you're able to find affiliate programs to join with. I say the biggest of them is Clickbank. Just check it out, register, see their guide and everything will be clear for you. Of course, there are lots of other big names to take notice of, too. The best place to find something is www.abestweb.com. They have great forums for affiliate marketing and also for publishers. We encourage you to find some other affiliate networks just like clickbank from abestweb website, too. Good luck About the Author:Kaspar Gering If you want to read more articles like this, visit Manfred-Knows.com.


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