There must be some sort of goal you have when you first started blogging. If you were lucky, you've been able to stay focused on your goal so that you keep on blogging month in and month out. For others, who maybe never had a completely cohesive plan, or who have been flying by the seat of their pants, posting often maybe has not been as easy of a task. Why is the motivation so important? Because blogging can be a thankless and solitary task. You may well reside far outside of a feedback loop as a blogger, only electronically communicating with others. If you can't keep your mind focused and your fingers moving forward, you may not be able to cover your rent check that month. Every day you have to approach your blogging with the single minded devotion of an Olymbic athlete (albeit a flabby one), who won't take "no" for an answer and who always has a ready smile when a hostile blogosphere scowls disapprovingly at her efforts. When the going gets tough, it's time for the gut check that allows the blogger to remember what it is she blogs for. For professional bloggers, with the money rolling in, the motivation to blog becomes extremely easy. You wake up and blog. Once a week or so you cash a monster paycheck that rolls in. You have consistent and positive feedback that tells you you're wonderful, and your increasing economic clout confirms it. But for the newbie, there is no self-confidence engendered by current success, so you have to rely on a character attribute called faith. You have to have faith in your own abilities, faith in the abundant economic potential of the internet, and you must have faith in the potential for world change wrought by the era of blogs. If you didn't believe these things when you started blogging, you wouldn't have even got into the game. Once you find your motivation, a certain type of magic will take place. Where once you sat, unmoving, in front of your computer screen, feeling at once isolated and perhaps near defeat; you will now feel exhilarated to fire up your WordPress and enter into the online fray, confident that you have a purpose for your blogging. Suddenly, none of the mundane tasks of your chosen path seem quite so hard. You are able to do your promotional activities, your webmastering chores, and you find that you have almost too much material to write about. Now you're more concerned with editorializing than what subject you'll blog about! Now you need only concern yourself with making your ever growing readership happy, and making your RSS feed sing the dough-re-me song. Your YPN and AdSense checks are now so big that they actually arrive in Brink's trunks, rather than the regular express delivery of the normal publishers. With motivation, you have been able to climb the highest summits of achievement, and you have been able to carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders. With motivation, your success is assured. I hope this article has motivated you to blog today About the author:Darren McLaughlin,Please visit our Blog Network for more information on blogging.


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