While almost everyone is familiar with Google and the Google AdSense program, not quite as many people are familiar with SearchFeed (http://www.searchfeed.com/). SearchFeed is a pay per click advertising company that much like Google AdSense, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo YPN sells keyword based clicks. Even though you may not be familiar with SearchFeed it's important to note they are still a major player in the PPC industry. According to recent press releases from SearchFeed they serve about 2 billion searches per month across 30 million bidded words and phrases. So how can SearchFeed improve your Google AdSense revenues? By replacing PSAs or non-paying public service announcements with paying advertisements. According to Google, "PSAs are non-profit organization ads that are served to pages when targeted ads are unavailable, or when Google is unable to gather content from the page. Publishers do not receive earnings for clicks made on PSAs." Depending on the volume of PSAs you are serving you may be losing a lot more revenue then you think. You can use this tool to estimate your lost PSA revenues. Estimate Lost PSA Revenues To replace Google AdSense PSAs with SearchFeed advertisements you'll need a SearchFeed Partner ID and a block of Google AdSense code. Alternate URL Ads is a free service that much like Google AdSense is a fully automatic contextual ad serving engine. Using Alternate URL Ads is amazingly simple and takes just four quick steps. Cut and paste your SearchFeed Partner ID and Google AdSense code into the Alternate URL Ads Get Started page and click Generate. A quick upload and amendment to your existing Google AdSense code and you'll be serving Alternate URL Ads in literally minutes. Don't worry if we lost you -- Alternate URL Ads even provides a step by step ScreenCast you can watch that makes setup a snap. By combining Google AdSense with SearchFeed you'll be able to quickly and easily increase your AdSense revenue by increasing the number of paying advertisements you show -- Thanks to Alternate URL Ads it's never been easier to do so! About the Author:S. Aybabtu,Alternate URL Ads can improve your Google AdSense revenues. Estimate your lost PSA revenues and see how much money you may be losing


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