Pay Per Click, also referred to as PPC, is one of four different types of search engines available on the internet today. In fact, when it comes to internet advertisements to targeted audiences, PPC is the most cost effective of all methods. Forbes magazine states that PPC search engines, is responsible for two billion dollars of sales yearly and they expect that number to rise to about eight billion dollars by 2008.

First, you need to understand how a PPC search engine actually works. What happens is that the search engine will create a listing, then rate them in accordance with the amount the owner of the site bid per click on that particular engine. Essentially, website owners are bidding against each other, in an auction sort of format, to achieve higher ranking when it comes to certain phrases or keywords.

When the search engine determines who has bid the highest for a particular keyword, that site will be listed in the first slot when searched for on the search engine. Subsequent bidders will be listed in the next available slots, depending on who was the second highest bidder, third higher, and so on. These ads will then appear within the page results and placed according to the amount bid on the advertisement.

How can I make money implementing my Affiliate marketing business and PPC together?

When a visitor clicks on a link and purchases a product or service from the vendor is the only way to generate income from an affiliate program. Earnings can fluctuate from pay period to pay period because the entire program and profit potential depends on the number of sales, traffic to the website, and the content that is upon the website.

When you combine an affiliate program with PPC, you will find that your earning potential becomes much easier. With a PPC, you are paid per click from your site to theirs, not only as a result of leads, sales, or memberships. Which means more earning potential for you.

What is more about combining PPC search engines with an affiliate program, is that you can even earn a profit from those visitors that really aren't even interested in the services and products you have to offer. This increases the earning potential tremendously.

Another great aspect of combining the two is that you earn commissions all the while building your website up as a resource that is valuable to website visitors. This means that if someone found exactly what hey were looking for within your website, they are ten times likely to keep returning to see what else you have offer.

Therefore, by implementing your own PPC search engine into your site, you earn the money when a paid advertising link gets clicked, instead of someone else earning money from you. Just makes more sense when you think about it.

There are a variety of tools available when you combine your affiliate program and a PPC into your website. This includes errors pages, text links, banner advertisements, and search boxes for your website. Now the benefits of this keep getting better and better. When you combine the two, you are earning extra income. Furthermore, if you refer any other friends or acquaintances to the service, you earn commissions of their actions as well, for each referral you make.

It certainly is not hard to combine the two and using a PPC search engine is a valuable tool being enjoyed by many people all over the internet, so why not combine it with your affiliate program.

About the author:Kurt Naulaerts runs a web site promotion service and also teaches people how to become successful with affiliate marketing. Find out how to start an income online using affiliate marketing programs at


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