Google Adsense is no longer a secret. The cat is out of the bag, and thousands of books have been written on how to compromise Google's intellect, and generate ridiculously high profits by placing sponsored links on websites. When Google Adsense was first introduced, not many people knew about it, but the ones who did were reaping the rewards. Some website owners could earn an average income of $2,000 a month of click throughs alone. It wasn't long before everyone put Google ads on their sites, and revenues quickly decreased. Those that were making $5,000 a month were now only making $500 a month. Google became aware of the rising cases of click fraud, and redesigned the entire program. Google began to lower the PR rating of the site, or completely blacklisted them on the Google index altogether. Many people relied month after month for the Google income, and soon realized they needed to find another way to make more, or play Google's game. Google defeated many who played, but one specific gentleman from Britain, cracked the secret to winning the game, and he has allowed for me to share a few of the secrets he uses to make over $20,000 a month from Google alone. He has created several videos, showing the exact steps he takes to generate the revenue from his site. Below are four of the most important things you must do to increase profits with Google Adsense. 1. Although you are advertising companies ads, you don't want to make it look like a blatant ad. You want your ads to blend in with your site. Try to use colors that compliment your site, and make sure you play with the borders. Sometimes borders look like they are part of the site, and some stick out like ads. Every site will be different. If you do have a border, make sure it is close in color or theme with the site. 2. I always place ads in between the main paragraph on every one of my pages. Make sure the colors are the same, and the text needs to be the same size. I never add borders when I do this because the ad will stick out like a soar thumb. 3. Take full advantage of your right to make money on these ads. This means use the maximum amount of ads Google allows on every page. You can use four of the box ads, and 3 of the text ads. Place your ads at the very top of your page, the middle of your main text, both sides of the page, and the very bottom of the page. Remember to make it blend in, and if it doesn't, don't leave it there, consider changing the color, size, or location altogether. 4. Add Pictures to your site next to your Google ads. Remove the border, and place them on top or on side of your ads. I recommend using Google Banner size "728" x "90" and then placing the ads below the picture. Tip #4 alone will increase your clickthrough rate by over 1400%. Before you go and find pictures, place a "728" x "90" Google ad on your site, and refresh your site a few times to see what the Google ads are related to. Then search online for images related to what the Google text displays. You can go to google and type "royalty free images" and you will find several sites related to what you are searching for. You might want to ad a keyword when searching for images. Perhaps have a site about soccer, and you want soccer images. You can type in "Soccer royalty free images" or "soccer ball royalty free images". I don't remember the exact code you use to add the pictures above the Google ads, but you can watch Michael Cheney's Video's, and see how he earns over $20,000 a month with simple ads on his site. Plus he explains a lot about earning money with ebay, and about a billion other ways to make money. The guy is a real genius, and I would recommend anybody who wants to learn Google Adsense secrets to atleast visit his site, and see what all the hype is about. About The Author: Patrick Moore is a website programmer, and SEO expert. He has helped build websites, and has taught many how to make money online using super affiliate techniques. Learn more about Michael Cheney at


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