Anybody who is somehow connected to internet marketing has heard of Google adsense and according to a lot of internet marketers using adsense is one of the easiest ways to make massive amounts of money from your web site. I often wonder though. Have you ever thought of the real consequences after you decided to place those adsense ads on your web site?

To get a clear view on this subject and for you to make a decision based on facts instead of hype we need to have a closer look at what you try to achieve.

At this moment in time there are a few different types of web sites floating around on the internet which we could line up as follows.

  • Info Web Sites
    These are the web sites where the web site owner realizes the potential he creates just because of the quality content he delivers. He certainly uses all sorts of content to make it a visit to remember and normally he will receive a lot of return visits.
  • Sales Pages
    Sole purpose of these web sites, sell a one time offer and try to get visitors to subscribe to the web site owner his/her list.
  • Affiliate Web Sites
    These web sites are completely stuffed with affiliate products and hardly add any further value to its visitors.

Which web sites, looking at the three options listed above would benefit most from Google adsense?

Let’s take a closer look at this question.

Assuming you are the owner of an info product and you either created a killer sales letter yourself or got somebody else to write you one, wouldn’t placing Google ads totally waist the sole purpose of your sales page?

Either affiliates promoting your product, or you yourself, are investing a lot of time to receive traffic, would you just send that traffic away with a single click on a ad? I sincerely hope not!!

The same goes for the info web site in a way. If you are involved with a true quality info web site, you should at least be careful when using Google adsense. Don’t you agree that one of the hardest parts of maintaining a profitable web site is getting enough quality hits? Aren’t you trying to keep those visitors on your web site for as long as possible? I am sure that your links are all opening in a new window without closing your web page.

Then let me ask you the following.

Why would you be willing to loose that most important part of your business, your customer, for a few lousy dollars in adsense fee whilst instead you could have made him/her a subscriber to your newsletter, you would have certainly made a lot more money out of that one time visit.

I don’t claim that you should not use Google adsense at all on your info web site, just make sure that you place it on locations where it won’t hurt the main purpose of your web site to much.

Are you the owner of an affiliate web site you might want to reconsider using Google adsense as well. Most of the time this type of web site won’t have the benefits of organic search engine traffic like an info web site meaning most of the traffic will have to be generated through advertising.

Here the use of Google adsense might be beneficiary but only when you created a niche web site where you know you’ll get more then a couple of cents per click on one of your Google ads. Don’t forget, making a profit should always be the sole purpose of your web site.

In a nutshell:

Don’t decide to loose your visitors through Google ads to easily, keep in mind that once they click on a Google ad they will most likely be gone for good. At least try to get a commitment out of your visitors before you send them of.

About the author:As one of the youngest regional managers ever in the U.K. Harrold Swalve already achieved one success story. After a couple of years in the online industry he again achieved great goals and successes. These days he is a well respected and much sought-after online business expert and has already published a online business bestseller Profit Shockdocs. To learn more about how Harrold can help you achieve your goals with your online business, visit him and start your own Moneymaking at Home Business.


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