Create interesting feed- Create some interesting feed, because people will like only the interesting feed. They will only subscribe to the feed that are of some use. Interesting feed will make fast RSS.

Constantly update- Update your feed constantly and make them available. Constant updating it will help you to keep the readers and get more subscribers. Updated RSS can help you to create fast RSS.

Promote your RSS feeds- Promote you RSS feed through different ways. Promoting your feed will make it known to the readers and they will like to try it.

Send RSS in your email- Send your RSS feed using emails. It is easier to send, easier to reach and easier to get through the barriers. You can reach intended customers without any problem.

RSS to your website- Place RSS feed to your website which will make it more interesting. Many people will not like to visit websites but they will like to get the RSS feed at their own place. Fast RSS is possible with more visitors.

Paid subscription- Paid subscribers will get you more profit from the RSS feed. You can always earn profit from your RSS feed if you have interesting and quality content.

RSS advertising- You can do advertising through RSS feed. It is possible to add your ads to the feed and send them to the subscribers. RSS advertising will help you to send your advertisements as well as advertisement of other companies in return of money.

PR- RSS can a great PR tool for you. You can create good PR campaign by using your RSS feed. Incorporate article, sales letters, press releases in to RSS and send them to the subscribers.

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