If you sell products or services over your web site, then traffic to your site is the name of the game. It’s simple: if you want more sales, you better get more traffic. To do that, make sure that you’ve covered all the bases of driving traffic to your site.

First, optimize. Make sure your search engine listings are all they can be. This means that you need to make sure that you’re on the key search engines and second that your site is associated with the best searching key words. Check to ensure you are included in Yahoo!, Google, MSN and the Open Directory Project. After that, look at some private or industry-specific directories. If you’re not listed, submit. But before you do make sure your keyword tags, description tags, and content have been optimized for being “find-able.”

Second, advertise. Tell people about your web site. You can do this by email, pay-per-click advertising, print advertising or almost any other means of advertising. Whatever it is, point it to your web site. Experiment with the linkage between your ads and your site – e.g. make different offers and see what the effect is on traffic.

Third, collateralize. Collateral is the paper materials you use to conduct business. Yes, include this in your traffic building efforts, too. Make sure your web address is on your signs, your stationery, business cards, brochures, invoices and any other material that goes to the public.

With every change or addition you make to your web site, just remember: Optimize, Advertise, Collateralize. Your web traffic is directly related to these three activities.

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  1. Shawn Lim  

    11:08 PM

    Great post!
    This is exactly what I need to boost the traffic of my blog.
    Thanks for all your informative tips!


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